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Having never been to massage before, at age 41, I started going because of a numbness in my hands, which friends said could be a "nerve issue", and that massage would fix it. They were so right. After about three visits, I noticed everything was fine. I kept going regularly, for a year, but was out of town for a month. At the end of that month, the tingling had returned, so I was eager to see my regular massage therapist, and Dianne fixed it like always. The problem went away the next day, and never came back, as long as I keep getting regular visits, like every couple of weeks or so. I never knew that something so simple as having a professional massage person relax your muscles could fix a serious issue.

This is professional, healthy massage, and it really works!

I started going last year, and Dianne was the first person to give me masssage. Real therapeutic massage, by a person who went to school and learned all about muscles and tendons and such... It's the best thing on the planet. It relaxes your tight spine, relieves that aching back, even makes you feel younger. Seriously, my whole body is relaxed and just kinda "flows" now. My body feels easy-going and ready to move, like it was back when I was in my late 20's. I'm over 40 now. If I had known massage was this good, I would have been going all my life.

This is professional REAL massage. It makes your back soft and happy again, like when you were young and healthy. It's better than tequila. Seriously, if you're sore, and you are eating excedrin like candy, and needing whiskey to sleep at night, try massage, and see how much better you feel. Life is not supposed to be cramped and uncomfortable. You're still alive. Be healthy.

I started with Dianne in 2011. I immediately felt relief of back pain due to pregnancy, I could walk and sleep much better. I love the way I felt the next day and I always leave feeling better. Thank you for helping me through my pregnancy!



So, I tore this muscle, and I went researching exactly "what" was wrong with me. I never knew what a "Q.L." muscle was, until I lifted something heavy one day. It's between your hip and your ribs, and it's on the side, and deep down in there, and it hurts everything around it.... even makes the sciatic tingle, and makes your leg numb... yeah, at first, I thought I ruined my back, but it was just a really deep internal muscle that nobody hears about until you injure it. (You know the old saying: "Hurting in places you didn't know you had.") Massage really helped it heal, because it was a deep internal muscle, covered by layers of stiff back muscles like the Lat. Dorsi and all that. She had to massage the major heavy back muscles to soften them, and then she could get to the Q.L. muscle and bring blood flow and healing to that area. There's nothing else that would have worked. You can't get surgery for a strained muscle, and things like aspirin and beer only helps you sleep it off. Massage really helped. Here's the wikipedia page on that muscle. I didn't even know I had one, but if you mess it up, massage will help a lot! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadratus_lumborum_muscle

Having been a client for more than a year now I get immediate stress relief, I'm less tense and less painful after my car wreck; I most enjoy that I rest better a night, and have a better quality of life.

Sharon Bunch

I have more energy and feel more alert after my massage, and I love the atmosphere.

Gary Nunn

I've been a client for about a year. After one visit I could turn my head and my migraine that I had had for over a month went away! When I keep my regular appointments I do not have any Headaches. I would recommend Dianne because I have remained pain free for months and its worth every penny and minute!

Beckie Godbey


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